Know How to Enroll in Medicare
When Losing Your Job!!


I worked for a major oil service company in Fort Bend Cty and Dec.8th I was part of the 8,000 oil industry employees lay off. I turned 65 in June and only have Medicare Part A and delayed Part B because I have “true” company benefits. Human Resources gave me paperwork regarding applying for retiree Medicare coverage thru a special administrator for my Medicare options.

HR said nothing regarding how I should enroll in Medicare’s Part B. I’ve been told from friends that there is a Part B penalty and really want to avoid that disaster. Please advise me what the Medicare Part B enrollment process is.

~ Thanks in Advance, Mike from Sugar Land


I have been advising more concerned baby boomers on how to enroll in Medicare if one is past 65 and have either lost their job, want to be prepared because they may lose their job or want to retire without stress.

Those turning 65 or past 65 should know what paperwork they should have in their desk drawer or briefcase, just in case they get “the” pink slip from the HR department and have HR sign off on the forms before you leave out the door.

When we perform a Medicare planning consultation at the Toni Says office whether just laid off or retiring, I always advise them to make sure that they have Part B in place when leaving or losing employment and/or group benefits. The process below explains how to enroll in Medicare when losing your job.

The process to enroll in Part B after you have delayed you Part B is below:          

  • Call Social Security at 1/800-772-1213 and advise them that you have left your company or are retiring and need to enroll in Part B of Medicare because you had delayed it.
  • You will have a “Special Enrollment Period” (SEP) that last for an 8 month period without receiving a Part B penalty. After the 8 month period that you are no longer working, you will receive a Part B penalty if you enroll in Part B and this penalty goes all the way back to the day you turn 65.
  • There are 2 forms that Social Security will send you and on the top of each form written by handwriting in red letters is Special Enrollment Periodfor the Social Security agent that is processing them to know that you are signing up at the right time and keep from giving you a penalty. You are applying for a SEP (Special Enrollment Period). (These forms are available at the Toni Says office if you cannot locate online
  1. Form #QMB No0938-0787 known as Request for Employment Information: for proof of group health care coverage based on current employment. This information is needed to process your Medicare enrollment application. If you have had 2 or more jobs since turning 65, then all companies have to sign this form.
  2. Form HCFA-40B known as Application for Enrollment in Medicare: this is your application for medical insurance from Medicare known as Part B. Social Security fills out this form.

Once your company signs the employment form, take both forms to your local Social Security office for your Medicare to begin when you have retired. You can mail your forms back to Social Security, but the wait is longer to receive your Medicare card with both Parts A and B.

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