Working And Receiving
Your Social Security Check

Hello Toni:

My husband has recently turned 65, collecting his Social Security check and is going back to work. I’ve heard that he may have to pay his Social Security check back if he earns too much, but he believes that since he is 65, he can earn as much as he likes and is not stopping his Social Security check.

Also I have looked through his Medicare and You handbook and cannot find what the 2016 Medicare deductibles are? Tell me what they are? I am so lost!

~ Thank You, Bonnie

Hello Bonnie:

My husband is also receiving his Social Security check and this week he received his information about what his Social Security check will be for 2016 and what happens if he should work in 2016 regarding his Social Security check. .

Below is the information about working and receiving your Social Security check because it depends on when you or your husband’s full retirement age (FRA) is:

  • Social Security states, “The 2016 earnings limit for people under full retirement age all year is $15,720. We (Social Security) deduct $1 from your benefits in 2016 for each $2 you earn over $15,720.” I believe this is your husband’s situation. He can only earn $15,720 since he is under FRA.
  • Social Security states, “The 2016 earnings limit for people turning age 66 is $41,880. We (Social Security) deduct $1 from your benefits in 2016 for each $3 you earn over $41,880 until the month you turn age 66. I do not believe this is your husband’s situation.

Bonnie, since your husband is 65 and his birth year is from 1943 to 1954; his full retirement age (FRA) is 66. Since he is already working and receiving his Social Security check and he earns more than $15,720 in 2016 he will have to pay money back to Social Security.

My advice to him would be to contact Social Security at 1/800-772/1213, discuss this situation with them and he may need to set up an appointment with the local Social Security office.

Our motto in the Toni Says office is “Medicare or Social Security are not cookie cutter. One size does not fit everyone!”

The new 2016 Medicare Parts A and B costs are below

  • Part A Costs (Inpatient Hospital): Medicare Part A inpatient hospital deductible will be an increase of $28.00 to $1,288.00. Under Part A is also Skilled Nursing for 2016 your costs will be days 1-20 $0 co pay per day and days 21- 100 will be $161.00 per day.
  • Part B Costs (Medical): The new 2016 Part B medical/doctor deductible will increase from $147.00 in 2015 to $166.00 in 2016.
  • Part D Costs (Prescription Drug Plan): The new Part D changes are the deductible is $360.00 once a year and the famous “Donut Hole” begins at $3,310.00. When you have reached the donut hole, then you will pay 45% for your prescription drug plan’s cost for “covered” brand name drugs and 58% for the plan’s cost for “covered” generic drugs until a total of $4,850.00 has been spent out-of-pocket for the year. Once that amount has been spent, then you will enter catastrophic coverage and will pay a small coinsurance or copayment for each “covered” drug. (Confusing…I know)

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