Hello Toni:

I am turning 65 this September and have great retirement benefits from the company I worked for 20 plus years.  I have spoken with HR about what I need to do with enrolling in Medicare and they advised me not to enroll in Part B because I have company/retirement benefits. I don’t feel confident in what this HR employee has said.

I do not know what the process of enrolling in Medicare is? Please elaborate on what I should do? 


Mike from Nashville, TN


Hi there, Mike:

You are right to be concerned because the information you received from your HR department was not accurate and could have cost you a Medicare Part B penalty if you do not enroll at the right time.

Lucky for you…time is on your side!

Currently, you are not working full-time for the company where you are receiving your benefits. In the 2017 Medicare and You handbook it discusses delaying your Part B if either you or your spouse “is still working”.  Not enrolling in Part B at the right time can cause you to receive a Part B penalty.

This is the reason why I wrote The Medicare Survival Guide®  because a gentleman received the wrong information not from his HR department, but from Social Security and had we not talked he would have had a Medicare Part B penalty for the rest of his Medicare days.

Social Security does all of the paperwork for Medicare and now Social Security has changed how they want you to enroll.  Social Security wants you to enroll in Medicare online at www.socialsecurity.gov/medicareonly.  The wait is over 3 hours at local Social Security offices and enrolling online saves you a lot of time and frustration. It is a very easy process.

Our new Toni Says® office can help with enrolling in Medicare.  Just email me to schedule an appointment so I can help with your Medicare issues at www.tonisays.com/ask-toni or call 832/519-TONI (8664).


Mike, you did not say whether you were receiving your Social Security check yet and receiving your check is a big factor in applying for Medicare at the right time. I always advise everyone to begin enrolling in Medicare at least 90 days prior to turning 65.  Below are a few different ways to apply for Medicare and avoid receiving a Medicare Part B penalty.

1)  Turning 65 and Receiving Your Social Security Check is the easiest way to receive your card the month you turn 65.  Medicare will send your “Welcome to Medicare” kit 90 days before you turn 65 with your Medicare card in the kit.

2) Turning 65 and NOT Receiving a Social Security Check because you are still working (self employed and/or without company benefits) or you may not be working, but waiting past 65 to receive 100% of your Social Security. Visit Social Security online at www.socialsecurity.gov/medicareonly  to enroll. Start your Medicare enrollment process 90 days prior to turning 65 and Medicare will begin the first day of the month you turn 65.

3)  Turning 65 and “still working”– Talk to your Employer’s Human Resources and ask if you need to enroll in Part B.  Go to at www.socialsecurity.gov/medicareonly  to delay your Part B.  See the 2017 Medicare & You handbook about delaying Part B.

4) Under 65 and Receiving Social Security Disability will receive their Medicare automatically on their 25th month of receiving their disability check.



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