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Employers Dropping Retiree Medical Plans!!!

Help, Toni: I have discovered that my employer, CenterPoint, dropped my retiree Medicare group health plan beginning January 1, 2017.   What do I do NOW? I am a 69-year old female retiring this October and enrolling in Medicare for the first time.  My husband, Paul,...

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Help!!! Doctor Not Accepting Medicare Advantage Plan!!

Toni:             Last year, I made a mistake and changed to a Medicare Advantage Plan because I understood from talking with my friends that this PPO plan was like a Medicare Supplement. Boy, was I wrong! I want out!! Most specialists and even the facility that does...

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2018 Medicare Part D Deductibles and Co Pay Changes…Released!

Toni: Last year, the 2017 Medicare and You handbook did not include the 2017 Part D deductibles and “Donut Hole” costs, and I got in the “famous” Medicare donut hole this March. I know it is only September, but I would like to get prepared and really cannot find the...

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Texas Teacher Alert…Medicare Options TRS is NOT Disclosing!!

Toni: I am a retired Texas teacher and I am turning 65 this October. I am absolutely mortified by the TRS changes that I am hearing through the grapevine. My doctor is not accepting Humana Medicare Advantage and I am concerned about future health issues.  I have...

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