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Dear Toni:
I am writing this letter to thank you for all you help to me when I was searching for an insurance company to replace my old policy that had been dropped by my doctor’s office.
In order to continue to use my doctor, I had no choice but to find another insurance company that my doctor would accept.
I can assure you that without your knowledge and expertise, I would have been lost in finding an insurance company that had the benefits that I needed. Again, I want to thank you for your advice and guidance and to let you know how pleased I am with my new insurance company.


Turning 65 with Cancer… Is Medicare Advantage Right for Me?

Hi Toni, I am turning 65 this August and have no idea what I should do because I have lung cancer.  Currently I am on a COBRA policy from my old employer with all of my medical bills now being paid because I have met my deductible. I receive all of my care from MD...
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Texas Teacher Alert…Medicare Options TRS is NOT Disclosing!!

Toni: I am a retired Texas teacher and I am turning 65 this October. I am absolutely mortified by the TRS changes that I am hearing through the grapevine. My doctor is not accepting Humana Medicare Advantage and I am concerned about future health issues.  I have...
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Is Your Medicare Part B Premium over $134? Learn How to Lower It!!

Toni: A few weeks ago, you wrote about the increase in Medicare’s Medicare Part B and D premiums, but you did not explain how to lower your Medicare premiums if one’s retirement income has lowered. Our joint income in 2015 and 16 was approximately $250,000 each...
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Concerns Are Rising About Doctors Not Accepting Medicare!!

Hi Toni: This week, I went to see my primary care doctor and his office said that since Medicare is primary on my insurance, I would have to pay the complete bill and file the claim with Medicare myself. I am 68 years old and decided to retire with a May 1st effective...
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Do You Have a Hurricane/Disaster Evacuation Plan?

Toni: We are new to the Houston area and last week Tropical Storm Cindy absolutely stressed my wife because her 84-year-old mother is living in an assisted living facility and we live over 10 miles away from her. What can we do to be prepared for a hurricane or an...
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