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Dear Toni:
I am writing this letter to thank you for all you help to me when I was searching for an insurance company to replace my old policy that had been dropped by my doctor’s office.
In order to continue to use my doctor, I had no choice but to find another insurance company that my doctor would accept.
I can assure you that without your knowledge and expertise, I would have been lost in finding an insurance company that had the benefits that I needed. Again, I want to thank you for your advice and guidance and to let you know how pleased I am with my new insurance company.


Yes America…You’re Getting a New Medicare Card!

Toni: I have been receiving mail and phone calls about a new Medicare card that is being issued for those on Medicare. I’m getting a little concerned because neither my wife or I have received the new card. My wife went to her cardiologist and there was a sign saying...

Medicare Rule…No One Remembers!

Dear Toni, Just a quick note to say that my mother had to go into the hospital this week.  Has the flu, a urinary tract infection and pneumonia.   She had slipped and bumped her head, but no concussion.   Very weak, so we are asking that she be placed into...

Mom…Didn’t Enroll in Part D…Help!

Dear Toni: I have been told that Medicare does not cover drugs when you are in an emergency room?  My mother went in the hospital from the ER for 2 days and because it was considered “under observation, we are now fighting the hospital because they say her drugs were...

Frequently Asked Toni Says® Medicare Questions

2017 has been a great year and thank you from Toni Says® team for allowing us to help you navigate the maze of Medicare.   “What if” I did not enroll in Medicare Parts A and B when I should because I don’t want to pay that extra Part B premium each month? I don’t go...

Why Is My 2018 Social Security Check Only Increased by $2?

Toni:  In November, you wrote that there was not an increase in the 2018 Part B premium. I have not seen an increase in the last 2 years, and $109 Part B premium has been deducted from my Social Security check. Recently I received from Social Security what my 2018...