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Yes America…You’re Getting a New Medicare Card!

Toni: I have been receiving mail and phone calls about a new Medicare card that is being issued for those on Medicare. I’m getting a little concerned because neither my wife or I have received the new card. My wife went to her cardiologist and there was a sign saying...

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Medicare Rule…No One Remembers!

Dear Toni, Just a quick note to say that my mother had to go into the hospital this week.  Has the flu, a urinary tract infection and pneumonia.   She had slipped and bumped her head, but no concussion.   Very weak, so we are asking that she be placed into...

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Mom…Didn’t Enroll in Part D…Help!

Dear Toni: I have been told that Medicare does not cover drugs when you are in an emergency room?  My mother went in the hospital from the ER for 2 days and because it was considered “under observation, we are now fighting the hospital because they say her drugs were...

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