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Which Long Term Care option is right for you?

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Is Your 401K Your Long Term Care Plan?

Your Savings and/or 401K Could Be Wiped Out By Long-Term Care Costs Dear Toni: Recently my 66 year old husband had a massive stroke leaving him unable to take care of himself. Because he is not working fulltime, he has qualified for Medicare with a Medicare...

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Retired TRS Teacher Turning 65… Keep Original Medicare for Health Issues!

Toni: I am a retired teacher and my Medicare began March 1st. I chose to go with TRS 2 and Original Medicare. I need the flexibility of picking my own medical providers since I am having bypass surgery in a few weeks.  The Toni Says team enrolled me in a Medicare...
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Moving Overseas…Should I Keep My Medicare?

Hello, Toni: My husband and I are currently on Medicare with Part B, a supplement, and Part D coverage. We will be moving overseas for a couple of years. I know that there is no coverage from Medicare for overseas expenses. Is there a way to suspend our Medicare...
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Cancer Treatment Not Covered By Company Insurance…Need to Enroll in Medicare NOW!

Help Toni! I have developed a rare form of cancer that requires the use of proton therapy at MD Anderson and my problem is that my employer health insurance plan does not cover proton therapy.  I will have to pay all of the costs from my 401K. My oncologist’s office...
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Is Using Your 401K to Pay for Long Term Care Your Only Option?

Dear Toni: Recently my 66-year-old husband had a stroke leaving him unable to take care of himself.  Because he is not working fulltime, he has qualified for Medicare Part B with a Medicare Supplement. My husband, Joe needs 24-hour care which is going to cost over...
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Not Enrolling in Medicare Costs Veteran Extra Part B Premiums!

Toni: My husband is a Korean War Veteran and never enrolled in Medicare Part B because he uses the VA, close to where we live in Iron Mountain, Michigan for his medical care. He is having to wait months for care from the VA and he wants to go to a local cardiologist....
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