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256,000 Retired Teachers Affected By TRS-Care Medicare Benefit Changes!

Toni: The past few weeks, I have been receiving emails from the TRTA (Texas Retired Teachers Assoc.) regarding changes with TRS-Care which is the retiree health insurance program.  What I have been reading does not seem good for those who are retired under or over 65....
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Beware, Don’t Let Medicaid Put A Lien Against Your Property!!!

Toni, I have a friend who just received a bill from the state of Texas for his mother's Medicaid nursing home care. No one informed him that Medicaid (the State of Texas) was running a tab of the entire healthcare that Medicaid paid and would take his...
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Learn the ABC’s of Medicare and Social Security; This Is What Every Baby Boomer Needs To Know!

Hi Toni, I follow your column and clip them for future reference. I am now approaching 65 in August. I need to enroll in Medicare and learn the plan differences between Medicare and an Advantage Program I am considering. I understand I can sign up at Social...
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Helpful tips to avoid the Financial Crisis of the Medicare Donut Hole!!!

Toni: Last year, my mother got into the “donut hole” in October.  I can see from the Part D statement she receives that she is rapidly approaching the donut hole and it is only the beginning of May. None of her drugs have changed from 2016.  She can afford...
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Will the New Medicare Observation Hospital Rule Impact You?

New Medicare hospital rule regarding observation notification went into effect Wednesday, 3/8/2017. Be prepared!   On Monday, April 3rd, the Toni Says Medicare team attended the MACRA informational Medicare meeting which informed insurance agents in...
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