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Frequently Asked Toni Says® Medicare Questions

2017 has been a great year and thank you from Toni Says® team for allowing us to help you navigate the maze of Medicare.   “What if” I did not enroll in Medicare Parts A and B when I should because I don’t want to pay that extra Part B premium each month? I don’t go...

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Why Is My 2018 Social Security Check Only Increased by $2?

Toni:  In November, you wrote that there was not an increase in the 2018 Part B premium. I have not seen an increase in the last 2 years, and $109 Part B premium has been deducted from my Social Security check. Recently I received from Social Security what my 2018...

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Did Medicare Call Mom Or Was This Fraud?

Hello Toni: Yesterday, a representative from Medicare called my mother asking all types of personal questions to register her for the new Medicare card which is coming in mid-2018. I just happened to be at her house and was able to take the call.  I told them that she...

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