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What Does the “T” at the End of My Medicare Number Mean?

Toni:  In January, I applied for my Medicare card and the card arrived yesterday, but I don’t understand why my Medicare number is my Social Security number with a “T” at the end.  What is the “T” for?  Most of my friends have an “A” on their card.  Now I’m concerned...

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Can Beginning RMDs at 70 Raise Your Medicare Part B & D Premiums

Toni:  For the past two years, my Medicare Part B premiums have gone up.   I am over 70 and began taking my RMDs (required minimum distributions) from my 401K.  Could this have had an impact on my Medicare Part B premium increase?  This year my Part B and Part D...

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Whaaat…. My Medicare Part B Penalty Is Forever?

Toni:  I am a 67-year-old female who never enrolled in Medicare Part B or D because I believe in holistic medicine and only take vitamins.  I was under the impression that if I didn’t go to the doctor, I didn’t need to apply for Medicare and could later. Now I have...

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