Medicare Survival Guide BundleTM

Medicare Survival Guide BundleBundle includes:

Guide, Workbook, and FREE DVD.
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Medicare Survival Guide® Advanced!

Medicare Survival Guide® Advanced is written in easy to understand language and designed to be a comprehensive Medicare resource to help Baby Boomers and those already on Medicare understand what their Medicare options are. In addition to covering the basics of Medicare in Toni King’s original Medicare Survival Guide®, the advanced guide incorporates Toni’s newspaper articles which are read weekly by thousands of confused Americans nationwide that are trying to understand the maze of Medicare. Medicare Survival Guide® Advanced offers information that the average person is searching for such as what is Medicare Parts A, B, C and D, Medicare costs, the myths of Medicare, Toni’s tips regarding the Donut Hole and most importantly the Medicare and Social Security forms that every American needs to enroll in Medicare properly and avoid dreaded penalties.

Medicare Survival Guide® Advanced (Paperback)


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Medicare Survival Guide® Advanced (eBook)


Confused About Medicare Workbook

Are my personal notes that I use when giving a Medicare workshop. I find that taking my notes and putting them in a workbook format helps you understand what I am covering in the workshop. You also have something to write notes in and to refer back to.


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Confused About Medicare DVD

During a workshop, you receive so much information about Medicare that an awful lot of folks forget 75% of what was said. In fact, after workshops, we receive so many calls asking what I said about certain parts of Medicare, it was decided to recorded the Confused About Medicare DVD, in a studio setting, for you to refer to refresh your memory.

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