About Toni King

Toni King is an author, columnist and radio and TV personality, and has spent more than 27 years as a top sales leader in the Medicare and health insurance fields. She has also conducted “Confused about Medicare “ workshops throughout Texas and the southeastern United States. In 2009, Toni was holding a Medicare workshop in Greenville, Mississippi, when a member of the audience asked a question about his not needing Medicare Part B. Toni met with the gentleman after the workshop and it didn’t take her long to find out that he had received wrong information from his local Social Security office. It took a couple of days to get this overwhelming problem straightened out and get him his Medicare Part B. When it was all finished, her role as an insurance agent had changed to that of advocate for people on Medicare. It was then that she took the Medicare and You handbook and put it into “people terms” so the average person could understand Medicare.

Whether Toni is consulting with a client in the office or giving a “Confused about Medicare” workshop to hundreds of people, she emphasizes her mottos: “Medicare is NOT Cookie-Cutter” and “What You Don’t Know WILL Hurt You!” Not understanding the rules and guidelines of Medicare can cause you to make costly mistakes that will last a lifetime. Whether you are helping your parents understand Medicare or choosing a plan for yourself,  let Toni show you how to navigate your way through what has become the Medicare maze!

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Toni King lives in Houston, TX, with her husband of 26 years, Jim King, and has two sons. Both sons have served in the military; John served in the army in Iraq and Afghanistan and Michael in  the Marine Corps stateside. Jim is a decorated Vietnam veteran who served in the Marine Corps. Toni often says she bleeds “red, white, and blue.” Toni is a native Houstonian and her family’s restaurant, Angelo’s Fisherman’s Wharf, was a Houston landmark.

For those interested in having a “Confused about Medicare” workshop for their group, company, church or association, please contact Toni via email at info@tonisays.com.

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