Hello Toni:

With the government shut down, how do I enroll in Medicare?  I am sure the Social Security office is a nightmare.  Is there an easier way to do this without standing in line for hours?  Neil from Sugar Land

Good day Neil:

With the government shutdown, many of the Social Security workers are on furlough…who knows what it is like at the Social Security office.

When budget cuts took place a few months ago, Social Security, who processes all of Medicare’s enrolling paper work, put new changes about 90 days ago to stream line their system and has recently realized that enrolling people online can save both employee hours and keep payroll down.  Finally they are using our tax dollars wisely.

Social Security field offices are open with limited services.  But remember, that with less Social Security employees, then you may have a long wait in line.  Your alternative is to do everything online with Social Security.

You can enroll online for Medicare thru Social Security at www.socialsecurity.gov/medicareonly.

Let’s take a few moments and explore what Social Security wants you to do.

About 90 days prior to you turning 65, you will want to enroll online for your Medicare and apply for Medicare Parts A and B, which will be on your Medicare red, white and blue card.

Start the process of enrolling in Medicare at least 90 days before your start date…for example if your Medicare should  begin Dec.1, go online to www.socialsecurity.gov/medicareonly at least 90 days prior to your start date and you will have your Medicare card arrive in plenty of time for the Dec. 1st effective date.

Social Security wants most enrollments done online. If you do not go to Social Security website, then how are you going to know this? It is not like they are sending the information out: many folks are learning this at my workshops and through my articles.

I have made it simple by having the information included when someone purchases these products the Medicare Survival Guide, the new “Confused about Medicare” workbook or DVD from my website at www.tonisays.com.

Here is what is included:

  • How to enroll in Medicare
  • How to apply for Social Security retirement/spouse’s benefits
  • Apply for Social Security disability benefits
  • Apply for Extra Help with your Medicare prescription drug costs
  • How to create an online account

Good Afternoon!

I attended your great seminar at Sugar Creek the other night. I believe you said I would not be receiving a new Medicare card if you are already in a program.  I have received 3 calls in the last 3 days about getting a new card. I just politely hang up. I currently have Medicare and an AARP supplement which I am not changing anything.  Are these calls a possible hoax?  I enjoyed your seminar and bought 3 books to share with my friends. Thank you…Jeanette


You did the correct thing by hanging up the phone!!  That is the latest Medicare scam!! There is no new Medicare card!  This is a new Medicare fraud scam that is targeting our senior population because the bad guys know how concerned seniors are about Medicare and the effects of Obamacare. Your Medicare card is still the same card you currently have.

I repeat…There is not a new Medicare card!!

You can relax because you were right not to give your personal information over the phone due to the fact that Medicare or even Social Security will NEVER randomly call your home or office and ask for your personal or banking information. They generally will send you a letter to let you know you need to contact them.

The bad guys do call, so they can steal your identity.   Medicare already has all of the information they need about you. 

Toni King, author of the new Medicare Survival Guide, which is a simple guide that puts Medicare in “people” terms, is on sale at www.tonisays.com.  Toni is an advocate/consultant for those “Confused about Medicare”.  Email questions to www.tonisays.com/ask-toni or call 832/519-TONI (8664).






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