Will Trump Repealing Obamacare Change Medicare?


Last week you opened my eyes to Medicare’s Donut Hole.  I retired from company benefits and began my Medicare January 1st.  I am concerned about what changes will happen if Trump repeals Obamacare.  I would like to know what my out of pocket will be. 

My wife and I chose a Medicare Supplement Plan G that has a small deductible, but I’m concerned there may serious changes to Medicare that I am not aware of.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this important issue. Ronnie from the Woodlands


No Ronnie…Trump repealing Obamacare will not affect the 2017 Medicare costs. Currently there are rumors circulating about what will happen to Medicare when Trump repeals Obamacare, but those are only rumors.  Nothing definitive has been released.

With 58 million on Medicare today and 10,000 turning 65 every day for the next 18 years, it would not surprise me if there are changes in the future, but right now things are remaining the same.  

What I have seen is a change in the Medicare Part D in regard to prescription drug plans and brand name drugs. This change is because of Obamacare.  When you get in the Donut Hole, you must pay 40% of the brand name cost, the prescription drug manufacturer must pay 50% and now the Part D prescription drug plan must pay the remaining 10%.  We advise those we see for a Medicare consultation at the Toni Says office to ask their doctor which generic prescription drug can replace the expensive brand name drug.

            If you choose a Part C Medicare Advantage plan, you still should do prescription drug planning. 

No one ever wants to get in the Donut Hole!  One must do proper Medicare planning to be sure they are receiving all they can from Medicare.        

The 2017 Medicare Parts A and B costs are below:     

  • Part A Costs (Inpatient Hospital): The 2017 Part A inpatient hospital deductible is $1,316.00 which starts over every 60 days. Part A is not a once a year deductible. Part A includes Medicare Skilled Nursing with the 2017 costs being days 1-20 $0 co pay per day and days 21- 100 $164.50 per day.
  • Part B Costs (Medical): The 2017 Part B medical/doctor deductible will be $183.00 for 2017. There are 2 Part B premiums for 2017: 1) Is $109 monthly Part B 2017 premium for most enrolled in Medicare in 2016 and who were paying $104.90.  2) Those that paid $121.80 in 2016 premium and are receiving their Social Security check will have a 4% increase to $134.  Those who are new to Medicare will pay the 2017 Part B premium of $134.00.  About 30% of those receiving Medicare and whose income is more than $85,001.00 for an individual or $170,001.00 for a couple will pay more than $134.00.   
  • Part D Costs (Prescription Drug Plan): With Obamacare on the chopping block to be repealed there will not be any changes to Medicare Part D, and yes there is still a Part D Donut hole. Visit Tonisays.com and download Toni’s Medicare Prescription Drug Survival Guide to view costs.

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